Love & Care Ministries

Serving The Homeless & Poor In Abilene, Merkel & Clyde Texas



Love & Care Ministries began as a vision that God placed in the hearts of two men who were called to minister to the homeless in their community Abilene, Texas. God led these men to the streets, under bridges, down allies, and in abandon buildings where they found people in desperate need. With the mighty armor of prayer and twenty large cups of hot soup, they hit the streets that first Sunday in January 1995 serving five meals from the back of a pickup truck.

As these men pressed forward in the vision God showed them that ministering to the homeless was only a small part of what they were suppose to do. He showed them that they were too minister to the poor across the community as well. Each Sunday they would go feed, love, and share the name of Jesus with all those in need that they could find. After about 2 years of serving a few changes began to take place. The Holy Spirit began to show more of the vision to Mark and how he was to leave his regular job and serve at Love & Care full time and also start a homeless church.

The ministry continued to grow and serving on the street is a major role but so much more has been added. Realizing many didn’t have the financial resources to make each day the first food pantry opened in September of 1997 in a small closet feeding a few families each week.

"Our love should not be just words and talk; it must be true love, which shows itself in action."

1 John 3:18